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    10 of the best cheap eats for $15 or less in Cairns

    For those times when a lack of cash doesn't have to mean a lack of flavour or quality when it comes to grabbing a bite in Cairns, check out our handy list of 10 of the best cheap eats.

    Good food doesn't have to come with a big price tag, especially if you want to dine out or grab some takeaway.

    To help you sort out the great from the...not so great...here's TropicNow's list of the best cheap eats in Cairns for $15 or less.

    And if we've missed one, click here to let us know and we'll add it to the list!

    1. EATO's

    Find EATO's on our interactive map

    2. ManDo Restaurant

    A relatively new addition to the Asian food scene in the Cairns CBD, this awesome little Spence St spot serves up delicious dumplings for a good price - and best of all they're made on site and you can watch the chefs prepare them.

    Find ManDo on our interactive map

    3. Oskar Healing Cafe

    Find Oskar Healing Cafe on our interactive map

    4. Silk Caffe

    A favourite haunt of lawyers, police and other men and women in suits, Silk Caffe on the corner of Spence and Sheridan serves up great coffee and some very tasty breakfasts and lunches.

    Think salads, croissants, toasted sandwiches...and coffee of course.

    Find Silk Caffe on our interactive map

    5. Corea Corea

    Find Corea Corea on our interactive map

    6. Apex Milk Bar

    Big burgers, highest quality ingredients and...big burgers. What more do you need? 

    Most burgers are around $15 or under, and they're all awesome. They had us at "Double beef, double bacon, double burger cheese, dijonnaise, slaw, peanut butter and maple BBQ for $15".

    Find Apex Milk Bar on our interactive map

    7. Snoogies Health Bar

    Find Snoogies on our interactive map

    8. Ganbaranba

    This legendary ramen joint is as unassuming as its food is delicious and affordable. Located on Spence St at the Bolands Centre, Ganbaranba has been serving up some of the best Japanese style noddles in Cairns for many years.

    If you're wallet or purse is running near empty, rediscover this little gem whenever you get the chance. We love the friendliness of the staff as well.

    Find Ganbaranba on our interactive map

    9. Toasted

    Find Toasted on our interactive map

    10. Cafe Fika

    This Swedish cafe on Grafton St surprised a lot of people when it opened a couple of years back. A Nordic-inspired cafe in the middle of the tropics? What the?

    Thankfully the team at Cafe Fika have stuck around because their offerings are superb and unique to Cairns. There is also a great selection of European grocery items you can grab instore after your cheap eat.

    Find Cafe Fika on our interactive map