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    World class BMX track adds to our city's liveability tag

    Cairns Regional Council's new Edmonton BMX track constructed by legendary trail builder Glen Jacobs is believed to be an Australian-first

    This is the stuff BMX dreams are made of.

    And it's set to transform the way young people (and the occasional BMX veteran) enjoy their spare time on the south side of Cairns.

    Cairns Regional Council today unveiled what is believed to be Australia’s first bitumen pump track at Fuller Park in Edmonton, built by the company run by legendary local trail builder Glen Jacobs.

    What's a bitumen pump track, you ask?

    That's the name for small loop tracks built in a limited space where the cyclist is able to ride without pedaling - the name comes from the pumping motion they use as they ride around the track.

    Division 3 councillor Cathy Zeiger said the BMX track was another example of "how sport and recreation infrastructure contributed to a liveable city".

    "We’re rolling out improved infrastructure across the region to make sure all residents have access to facilities that encourage a healthy, active community,” she said.

    Division 2 councillor John Schilling said the track was already getting "enormous use".

    "There is a high demand for sport and recreation infrastructure in south Cairns and we are certainly responding,” Cr Schilling said.

    "This track is not just for BMX riders – the track is suitable for skaters, scooters and mountain bikers.”

    "This style of track is tipped to be the future of public pump tracks and it’s already getting attention from the BMX community across Australia.

    “But, more importantly, the addition of the track has really reinvigorated the use of the park and brings a valuable new element that appeals to local young people.”