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  • Mounds of balancing rocks known as cairns delight crowds near... Cairns

    The beautiful drive between Cairns and Port Douglas has become a hit with onlookers for an unusual reason.

    Cairns are cool. So is the city we live in and love, of course. 

    It may not be a hugely well know fact that the word 'cairns' actually means a "mound of stones" built by people, typically as a memorial or landmark on a hilltop or pleasant skyline.

    And it's these type of cairns that are captivating passers-by on the Captain Cook Highway between the city of Cairns and Port Douglas.

    Perched on a roadside spot just south of Wangetti, a series of Cairns (the rocks) have started appear. From dawn to dusk, cars are pulling over to marvel at the creations and take photos, which are starting to appear with increasing frequency on a variety of social media profiles from around the world.

    No-one knows who started the trend at the site. But the cairns are proving so popular there is even talk on one social media channel of an international rock balancing competition, to be called Cairns in Cairns (of course).

    The suggested grand prize? A golden rock, naturally.

    Whatever happens with the proposed Cairns in Cairns international rock balancing competition, the site near Wangetti is already worth its wait in tourism promotion gold, as the photos below demonstrate.