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    Fire fighters battle dangerous Kanimbla blaze

    The manager of a Kanimbla quarry says a firebug is threatening the safety of his workers and nearby residents.

    Emergency services were called to Marino Quarry on McFarlane Drive again on Tuesday morning to control a grassfire believed to be deliberately lit.

    Plumes of smoke billowed throughout the foothills of Kanimbla and Mooroobool as multiple crews set up firebreaks to protect nearby homes.

    Quarry manager Frank Marino says it is the fifth time in the last three weeks authorities have had to put out a blaze on his property.

    “We’ve been having people sneak up for a little while now,” Mr Marino says.

    “They must have snuck in last night to look at the supermoon because they’ve destroyed our smoko table and chairs as well.”

    “It’s frustrating. One minute we’re flooded out, the next there’s fire.”

    Firefighters had been called to the quarry on Monday night to put out a blaze before it flared up again.

    “Obviously with this heat, it’s just smouldered and lit up and with this breeze, away she went,” Mr Marino says.

    “It hasn’t caused any damage at this stage. If it goes on the other side of the quarry we might have some dramas.

    “It’s close to houses too on the other side.

    “Our work crew stopped crushing this time and we used a water tank to help put the fire out.”

    The quarry plans to put in place extra security measures.

    “We’re going to set up some cameras and if they do it again hopefully we can catch them in the act,” Mr Marino says.

    The family business is a blue metal quarry producing crushed rock and gravels for road, civil and site works.