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    Citizen retail: an old school innovation

    A bold new venture where the public are invited to play shopkeeper, or be the shoppers, is gaining some serious momentum in Cairns.

    It’s been in your wardrobe for as long as you can remember, you’ve lugged it around wherever you move, yet you can’t recall a time in the last decade that you’ve actually worn it. Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

    That is the key to Kay Judd’s success behind her organically nurtured retail project Your Wardrobe Cairns (YWC); a new trending event showcasing individual pop-up shops where you can buy, swap and sell clothing.

    Following on from the theme of people-powered movements like AirBnB, Uber and citizen journalism, YWC supports and encourages citizen retail. 

    The idea was conceived by hotel marketing executive Kay Judd who, like many of us, couldn’t bare parting with her precious purchases to charity, but instead wanted to recoup just a little of the investment sunk into her wardrobe.

    The concept is simple: the public can pay for a spot to sell their things, whether it be clothes, jewellery or general knick-knacks, or they can attend the event as shoppers, with cash in hand ready to pick up bargains and try their hand at haggling.

    The first YWC event held in April this year was an overwhelming success, and with the next event taking place this Saturday, TropicNow caught up with Kay to chat about her bold new concept on the brink of a meteoric rise. 

    Q&A with Kay Judd | Your Wardrobe Cairns

    What prompted you to start Your Wardrobe Cairns?

    I was doing a wardrobe spring clean and had already filled two bags full of clothing to take to charity and realised there were items within my closet that I just simply couldn't give away. There was a $180 Cooper St dress that I had worn once among many others. I ended up with around 15 labels that I had grown attached too but wanted them to go to a good home. I'm not the kind of person to take photos and upload clothing online to sell. I thought there must be an easier way and there may be a niche market with other ladies in TNQ that have similar interests and the same feelings as I did.

    What has been the response like?

    I placed a booking for a location for the first event back in April and then posted an event on Facebook called Your Wardrobe Cairns. Within 2 weeks 80 stalls were sold. It was amazing and purely organic through word of mouth. The response was quite intense but very welcome. There were 110 individual pop up shops full of clothing and accessories for mainly women, with a smattering of items for men and children.  

    How will YWC evolve?

    I am hoping the event will evolve and begin to encompass all new, vintage and pre loved clothing and accessory needs for women, men, babies, children and toddlers. The next event will hopefully encompass a fashion show, health & beauty tips from local business and food and coffee vans. It's great there is a need in Cairns for an event such as Your Wardrobe Cairns. Essentially, you get to have your own stall for the day, make some money, refresh your wardrobe and support a local charity (the Pyjama Foundation). 

    The next Your Wardrobe Cairns event takes place this Saturday, September 24, from 9am to 3pm at the Fred Moule Pavilion.