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    Call for urgent removal of croc on cane farm south of Cairns

    If you think some of your workmates are capable of snapping your head off if provoked, then put yourself in the boots of a cane farmer south of Cairns.

    This photo shows a "sizeable" saltwater crocodile is getting far too close for comfort after moving into a drain between two cane paddocks on the farm, south of Aloomba.

    Cairns Regional Council's Division 1 Councillor Brett Moller has called for the saltie to be removed immediately before tragedy strikes.

    But the Department of Environment and Heritage told TropicNow the croc had not been reported and would only be removed if authorities were notified or the beast became aggressive towards humans.

    Cr Moller posted the image to Facebook earlier this week to demand a change to the croc management plan for the area.

    "This is what it is coming too, we are being inundated with crocs and this is pushing them into farm drains," he said.

    "This is a farmer's workplace and it should be safe and secure.

    "The current croc policy falls short in ensuring residents safety.

    "You can't make the argument that the croc is in its natural habitat and you can't argue that the farmer and croc can safely live together in this location."

    Cr Moller estimated the croc was close to 2 metres in length and he fears it could attack the farmer or his family.

    "There is a shortfall in the policy here," he said.

    "Currently the policy for removal of crocs in zones south of Cairns is a bureaucratic process.

    "It should be changed to allow for the immediate removal of this croc and I will be raising the need to change the policy at this month's Croc Wise meeting with the Minister and the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection."

    An EHP spokesperson told TropicNow crocodiles should be reported to EHP on 1300 130 372.

    "The councillor is strongly encouraged to call the hotline and provide details about the location and how to access the area for EHP to follow up," the spokesperson said.

    "EHP investigates all reported crocodile sightings."