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    A perfectly balmy tropic Christmas predicted for TNQ

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – a sunny Christmas that is.

    Though showers are forecast later today and again tomorrow, the Bureau of Meteorology is predicting mostly sunny days with light winds over the rest of the Christmas period.

    Temperatures will remain stable from Christmas Day through to Boxing Day with a minimum of 23 and maximum of 33 degrees from tomorrow through to Wednesday December 27.

    The predicted 70 per cent chance of showers developing later today will make it a little cooler for Christmas shopping with a maximum of 31.

    However, despite a 60 per cent chance of rain forecast for tomorrow, temperatures will start to rise with a maximum of 32 degrees and stay there again for Christmas Eve.

    Some showers are expected to return later next week on Wednesday and Thursday.

    If you’re seeking a cooler Christmas day, Atherton’s minimum is forecast to be 17 degrees with a maximum of 30 degrees and mostly sunny. Boxing Day will see the minimum drop to 16 degrees.

    Mareeba’s minimums will be a bit lower than Cairns at 19 degrees for Christmas Day and Boxing Day, though the town will share Cairns’ maximum of 33 degrees on both days.

    Innisfail also shares our sunny forecast for Christmas Day and Boxing Day with temperatures just a little cooler at from 22 to 32 degrees.