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    Pollie slams police and paramedic assaults

    Member for Barron River Craig Crawford says violent attacks on emergency service workers are ‘deplorable’.

    A Cairns police officer was allegedly hit several times in the face with a knuckle duster in just one of a spate of violent crimes committed against authorities over the New Year period.

    Four police officers in far north Queensland were assaulted in three separate incidents while a Cairns paramedic was allegedly kicked and spat on while attempting to treat a woman on Monday.

    Member for Barron River Craig Crawford says any attack on an emergency service provider is reprehensible.

    “It’s deplorable. Who kicks anybody in the back? You wouldn’t do it in a football match,” the former paramedic says.

    “Anyone who does something like that is disgraceful.

    “We as a community should be saying we don’t stand for this stuff. We never used to do this 20 years ago.

    Mr Crawford says he fears paramedics, nurses and firemen may one day be forced to carry weapons to protect themselves.

    “10 years ago the thought of body-worn cameras by paramedics would have been laughed at,” he says.

    “I just feel like I’m reading about incidents every second day now.

    “My fear is that the community will become complacent about it. When that perception starts we’re in a really dangerous place.

    “Firearms, tasers things like that seem silly now.

    “But unchecked, that’s where we’re going. Maybe not right now but in five years time it could be a different story.

    “If this continues to trend as it has, governments we’ll have to consider a response.”

    Violence across the north

    The incidents started last Friday when a 17-year-old Edmonton male swung at two police officers with a knuckle duster, striking one of the officers multiple times.

    The teenager was restrained by witnesses who came to the officers’ aid.

    The man was charged with serious assault of a police officer causing bodily harm, serious assault of a police officer whilst armed and unlawful possession of a category weapon.

    Meanwhile in Hopevale, a 21-year-old Cooktown woman has been charged over the alleged serious assault of a female police officer in Hopevale on January 1.

    Police were attending to a large street disturbance when a woman allegedly ran at officers yelling aggressively.

    It’s alleged the woman ran past police and into the yard of a nearby residence where she picked up a chair and threw it at a window.

    The woman was placed under arrest and while being escorted to the police vehicle, she allegedly struggled and punched the officer in the jaw.

    The woman then allegedly punched the window of the police vehicle before punching the female officer a second time in the head.

    Police say the officer sustained bruises, cuts and swelling to her mouth as a result of the alleged assault.

    The woman was charged with seriously assaulting a police officer, wilful damage, committing a public nuisance, entering a dwelling with intent and assault occasioning bodily harm.

    On the same day police charged a 20-year-old Mission River woman was charged following the alleged assault of two police officers at a Kwokkunum Street residence in the early afternoon.

    Police were called to the home in relation to a disturbance and in attempting to break up a fight, a female police officer was allegedly punched in the jaw by a woman.

    The woman then fled to the kitchen area and allegedly threw a ceramic bowl at a male police officer striking him in the back.

    The woman fled from the residence, allegedly throwing a bowl at the police vehicle parked out front causing the window to smash.

    She was restrained and taken into custody where she was later charged with serious assault of a police officer, serious assault of a police officer whilst armed and wilful damage of police property.

    Both officers required medical treatment for bruising.

    Queensland Police Union were unable to provide a comment prior to deadline.