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    New campaign focuses on online views to find best in the region

    TNQ’s greatest natural wonders, including the Great Barrier Reef, rainforest and glorious weather are known around the world as some of the best experiences you can get.

    And now, a new consumer-led online marketing initiative launched in the region by Tourism and Events Queensland today is making sure TNQ is recognised in the Best of Queensland Experiences Program.

    The program is designed to feature the best tourism experiences in Queensland by combining feedback from tourists across a number of categories and websites with TEQ group executive global marketing Michael Branagh saying consumer input is vital in the industry.

    “The consumer is now in control more than ever through social media and word of mouth and how they rate the quality of their experiences,” he said.

    “The Best of Queensland Program has been put together that takes into account all that feedback to help operators better understand how they develop their experiences, to listen to consumers and to improve the experiences they deliver.”

    Designed to lift operating standards within the tourism industry, the program will use technology to evaluate comments from more than 200 different review sites and social media platforms, including TripAdvisor, Facebook and Google and will rate experiences based on factors including social media presence, tourism accreditation and access to online booking platforms.

    “All these factors help deliver the best experiences for visitors,” he said.

    “The destinations and experiences considered the best in Queensland will be highlighted on TEQ’s website, used in our marketing campaigns and put at the top in search engines and web platforms pointing tourists to operators that provide the best experience.

    “It is vital that operators pay attention to what consumers are saying about them online, this feedback and information helps others decided on their holidays and destination experiences.

    “TNQ is renowned for great experiences and it should feature prominently in this program.”

    Tourism bosses from throughout TNQ were on hand for an industry forum at the Hilton today to hear details from Mr Branagh and other TEQ social media and online experts about the new program and how to get involved.

    The first lot of data collected is expected to be available towards the end of the year and then TEQ will work with local operators over the next six months to ensure as many as possible are up to speed with the program.

    One of TNQ’s tourism gems, Green Island, has consistently rated as a popular destination for years with Quicksilver’s director of marketing Megan Bell saying yesterday’s launch was chance to learn more about the program and to showcase what the resort has been doing to win over tourists from around the world.

    “We have a very large digital marketing team and an online presence is critical for local, national and international markets,” she said.

    “Online is not the only way we deal with tourists but our digital and website presence has grown quite substantially in the past decade.”

    The Best of Queensland Experiences Program was developed by Tourism and Events Queensland in close consultation with Queensland’s Regional Tourism Organisations and the Queensland Tourism Industry Council.

    For more information, click here.