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    British India's sixth studio release ahead of national tour

    British India have fans across TNQ and the country who were hanging out for today's release of the band's sixth studio album.

    While excited fans will rejoice at the chance to hear the latest offering from the Melbourne-based, four piece indie outfit, it was quite the difficult journey to get to the finished product.

    Speaking to TropicNow about the difficulties experienced throughout getting Forgetting The Future ready for release, the band's front man Declan Melia was open about the challenges and realities that come after years of success.

    "Unfortunately, it is the nature of the beast that this was our most challenging album to date," he said.

    "Our golden rule as a band is not to repeat ourselves and to find new creative ground and look to something we have not done before.

    "I am really proud of the album. Not a lot of other bands are doing music like this."

    British India started writing songs for the album earlier this year, with Declan saying it was hard to break from the headspace of their previous release, meaning it was a slow process that did not always come together easily, but at the 11th hour the tracks were "whipped" into shape for release.

    Now the hard work is done, British India will embark on a national tour to take its latest sound to its fans, including at the Grass is Greener Festival in Cairns on 14 October, with Declan looking forward to hitting TNQ.

    "We're from Melbourne, the rain is falling and there is thunder and lightning about," he said.

    "We love Cairns and immediately get into party mode whenever we get somewhere where the weather is fine and warm.

    "We haven't been to Cairns for so long, the first shows we played there were intense and the audience was wild.

    "It is always a great audience and they appreciate the music."

    In fact, Declan and his bandmates love TNQ so much they are planning to spend a week in the region soaking up the sun to recharge their batteries.

    "We are appreciative of the success we've had and accept that we are very lucky to do what we do," he said.

    "We are enjoying the opportunities we have and realise they are once in a lifetime."

    For more information or to get tickets to the Grass is Greener Festival, click here.