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    Cairns ANZAC day march and service moved to avoid faint-inducing heat

    The Cairns ANZAC day morning march and commemorative service will be held earlier and in a new location this year, after several people fainted during last year’s event.

    The changes have been made by the Anzac Day Committee, which is made up of representatives of several organisations including the RSL, the Australian Defence Force, emergency services and the Cairns Regional Council.

    A spokesman for the council said the changes to the city program are aimed at avoiding late morning heat.

    “High temperatures in Cairns during Anzac Day services over the past few years have affected current and former service personnel and members of the public, with several people fainting at last year’s events.

    “Based on feedback from veterans and the community, the Anzac Day Committee decided to start the morning march earlier and hold the service at the Esplanade Cenotaph to avoid the heat,” he said.

    The march will now take place at 7.30am and the length of the route will be shorter.

    Instead of ending at Munro Martin Park, services personnel, veterans and those representing former servicemen and women will march from Fogarty Park to the Esplanade Cenotaph, where the commemorative service will begin at 8.15am.

    It’s hoped the changes will also increase attendance at both the dawn service and later commemorative service.

    “The early start will reduce the time gap between the morning and dawn services, making it easier for both service personnel and the public to take part in both celebrations if they wish,” the Council spokesman said.

    The ecumenical service at St Monica’s Cathedral will also be held earlier at 9.30am, while there’ll no longer be a dawn service in Stratford. Instead, a march and service will be held at the Stratford cenotaph at 10am. 


    *Cairns City
    5.30am: Dawn service, Esplanade Cenotaph
    7.30am: Services parade from Fogarty Park
    8.15am: Commemorative service, Esplanade Cenotaph
    9.30am: Ecumenical service, St Monica’s Cathedral.

    Road closures: 3am to noon
    Esplanade, between Spence Street and Minnie Street
    Florence Street, between Abbott Street and the Esplanade (including the roundabout).

    *Edge Hill
    4.10am: Commemorative march from the Anderson Street entry of the Martyn Street Cemetery followed by service at the War Graves.

    No road closures

    5.15am: Dawn parade at Fuller Park followed by Commemorative Service.
    8am: Service parade from Hambledon House followed by commemorative service at Fuller Park.

    Road closures: 7.30am to 10.30am
    Bruce Highway Service Road between Stoke Street and Cattle Street
    Cattle Street between the Bruce Highway Service Road and Wolff Street
    Wolff Streetbetween Cattle Street and Fuller Park
    Partial closure of Stoke Street.

    4.30am: Dawn parade from Gordon Street, followed by dawn service at Norman Park cenotaph.
    9.30am: Commemorative March from Gordonvale State School followed by commemorative service at Norman Park Cenotaph.

    Road closures: 9am to 11am
    Gordon Street between Mills Street and Norman Street
    Norman Street between Gordon Street and Cannon Street
    Cannon Street between Norman Street and George Street
    George Street between Cannon Street and Sheppard Street

    10am: Commemorative march and service at the Cenotaph 

    Road closures: 9.30am to noon
    Partial road closure of Magazine Street and Arnold Street

    *Trinity Beach
    5.45am: Commemorative service, Trinity Beach memorial.

    No road closures

    *Yorkeys Knob
    8.30am: Commemorative service, Boat Club Marina.

    Road closures: 5am to 8am
    Vasey Esplanade, between Trinity Beach Road and Possum Street.

    4.20am and 10am: Parade from the RSL, followed by commemorative service at the cenotaph.

    Road closures: 9.45am to 10.30am
    School Street between Church Street and Munro Street
    Munro Street between School Street and Knowles Street