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    Brock’s Legacy: The kindness of a "one-in-seven-billion boy" lives on

    Even during his lowest days, before the rarest of medical conditions took him away, Brock Bryant was thinking of others.

    His mother Katrina recalls a particularly tough day of hospital treatment.

    “He told me 'I only do this Mum so hopefully if another kid is born and has this maybe they might know what to do because they have learnt off me and they won't have to go through this crap'," she said.

    The Cairns boy died two years ago at the age of 12.

    To this day, he's believed to be the only person in the world to have auto-immune hepatitis, nephrotic syndrome and capillary leak syndrome all at the same time.

    His family is now honouring Brock’s legacy of kindness and thoughtfulness, by providing support and assistance to other families with children who have rare diseases.

    Katrina Bryant told Tropic Now it can be a very isolating situation to be in.

    “We lost our little boy to rare diseases and we want to be able to help other families because we know what it’s like emotionally, financially, mentally,” she said.

    “He wanted to help anybody and if he could put a smile on someone’s face that was his day made.

    “So he would be really happy with us doing this.”

    Brock’s Legacy aims to ease some of the pressures on families through everything from assisting with travel costs to bereavement support.

    Ms Bryant said it’s about supporting the entire family, including siblings.

    “I personally did not realise how much it affected my son who is a bit older than Brock,” she said.

    “He did get left behind a lot so we want to be able to do things to help the siblings cope as well, let them know they’re cared about too.”

    In fact, one of the next priorities for the organisation as it fundraises and seeks sponsorships and grants, is to take siblings away on a holiday.

    Brock’s Legacy is also taking part in next month’s Cairns Festival Parade.

    Ms Bryant is inviting anyone affected by rare diseases in Far North Queensland to go along.

    “We want to show that the community comes together with the nurses on board and the children and their siblings,” she said.

    “We would like anyone who has children with rare diseases to come and take part.

    “Siblings are more than welcome and we’ll make it a real fun day for them.”

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