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    Arrival of baby Monte Carlo signals sweet success in koala breeding program

    After multiple breeding attempts, the team at Rainforestation Nature Park west of Cairns is celebrating the arrival of a koala joey.

    He’s been aptly called Monte Carlo after his mother Vovo, which are both names of favourite Australian biscuits.

    The park's General Manager Chris Grantham said at eight months old, he’s recently begun venturing out of Vovo’s pouch, delighting both staff and visitors.

    “Recently there was a large group of tourists that were lucky to see Monte Carlo fully emerge from his mother’s pouch.

    "He put on quite a show and crawled up onto Vovo’s back.”

    The joey’s father Sunny has been on loan to the park from the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary for the past year, in the hope the pair would successfully mate.

    Mr Grantham said Monte Carlo’s emergence highlights the importance of sustaining captive koala populations.

    “With wild koala populations in rapid decline, captive breeding programs are now more important than ever,” he said.

    “Monte-Carlo is a great example of how captive breeding procedures can be very successful.”

    The team is now hoping that they can build on that success, with a Kingston or Nice perhaps also part of the  park's future.