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  • Christine Reizner


    As a young girl, Christine showed a relentless interest in politics and finance, over-indulging in C-Span, Christiane Amanpour and The Financial Times. As one could very much expect, she is now an Economic Policy Adviser with a special interest in enabling private capital for the public good.

    A self-proclaimed cosmopolitan, Christine was born in the Black Forest of Germany and raised mostly on the Gulf of Thailand. Her varied life included stints throughout Asia and Europe.

    On very cold day while living in Shenzhen, she applied the ‘Finger on the Map’ methodology to determine a move to Cairns. Reading about the region online she envisioned a ‘more sophisticated Miami’ and was quite surprised when she arrived.

    Christine is not adventurous by nature and has never visited the Reef but you can find her at NOA, The Yogahub, F45 Cairns Innerwest and on Twitter @CReizner.

    Articles written by Christine Reizner

    Last updated: 13-05-2016 13:48
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    Cape York Space Station would've been out of this world