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  • Food Vixen

    Food and restaurant critic

    Cairns culinary critic Food Vixen likes to remain anonymous for a very good reason: she provides frank, unbiased reviews of local restaurants and cafes and doesn't want her identity to get in the way of any kitchen's performance on any given night.

    As a self-described "chick who loves to eat out in and around Cairns", Food Vixen believes in good old fashioned service and has a passion for Australian seafood, rather than the imported variety.

    Food Vixen doesn't claim to be an expert on hospitality or dining out, nor do she claim that her reviews are "gospel".  In her own words: "I dine out a lot and for some reason I get great delight in writing about it whether it be good or bad and each post I write is a snapshot of what happens when I dine there on that particular day, with a little bit of personal opinion thrown in."

    You can check out her popular blog by clicking here.

    Articles written by Food Vixen

    Last updated: 02-04-2016 10:00
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    Review: Martinelli Pizza Bar
    Last updated: 16-03-2016 10:00
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