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Merry Christmas, Cairns - it's cheap flights time

We at Tropic Now know funds can be tight at this time of year, but if you have some cash to spare and are planning to travel in 2019, it’s worth taking advantage of the Christmas sales put on by the airlines.

They’re on now, but you’ll have to be quick.

Here are some of the offers:


Jetstar’s Christmas sale includes one way flights from Cairns to:
Gold Coast from $74
Sydney from $97
Melbourne from $105
Adelaide from $111
(all flying 30 April – 26 June)
Darwin from $104 (flying 1 May – 26 June)

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Virgin’s All I want for Christmas sale includes one way fares from Cairns to:
Adelaide from $239
Brisbane from $119
Canberra from $219
Hobart from $259
Melbourne from $189
Sydney from $149
(First block of flight dates: 30 April – 26 June)

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Jetstar has Cairns to:
Tokyo from $599 (flying 9 May – 25 June)
Osaka from $189 (flying 9 May – 27 June)
Phuket from $326 (flying 30 April – 26 June)
Honolulu from $366 (18 Jan – 11 Feb)

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And these return flights through China are an absolute bargain if you’re planning something last-minute:

China Southern Airlines has Cairns to:
Beijing from $525, departing 29th Dec, 2018
Shanghai from $641, departing 29th Dec, 2018
GuangZhou from $650, departing 4th Dec, 2018
Amsterdam from $1141, departing 25th Dec, 2018
London from $1204, departing 25th Dec, 2018
Rome from $1230, departing 27th Dec, 2018

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