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  • Renee Cluff

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    Cool(ish) and rainy conditions predicted for Christmas Day in Cairns

    If you’ve organised an outdoor lunch in Cairns this Christmas, you might want to re-think your plans, because rain and thunderstorms are forecast.

    However, lower temperatures are likely be a welcome reprieve from week-long heat.

    The Bureau of Meteorology has released its seven day outlook, which shows temperatures will remain in the mid-30s until Christmas Eve.

    Monday’s forecast shows a 60% chance of showers plus the chance of a late thunderstorm, with a top temperature of 32 degrees.

    The all-important prediction for Christmas Day on Tuesday is for an 80% chance of showers and a storm, with the mercury to reach 31 degrees.

    Meteorologist Nicholas Shera told Tropic Now that doesn’t necessarily mean backyard cricket games will have to be cancelled.

    “Six to 25 millimetres of rain is currently on the forecast, so there are likely to be some dry periods, or at least periods with light rain.

    “The wet conditions are basically to do with a south-easterly wind surge which should reach the Cairns area on Monday.

    “It’ll be mostly a coastal event but areas like Mareeba will see a little bit of rain, too.

    Mr Shera said temperatures up until Christmas Eve will be two to three degrees higher than the Cairns December average.

    “There’s an inland trough dragging hot and dry air from the interior to much of Queensland.

    “Friday and Saturday will be the hottest days and that’s because of a really large upper ridge, making temperatures on the surface a lot warmer and then that’s why it gets cooler again as that south-easterly change comes in on Christmas Eve,” he said.