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    CQUni Cairns academic takes on global challenges

    A Cairns academic will take on some of the globe's biggest challenges as the new chair of a national committee for Geographical Sciences.

    CQUniversity's Stephen Turton will dedicate the next three years helping to lead priorities for research, policy and curriculum development as chair of the National Committee for Geographical Sciences (NCGS).

    Dr Turton's role will delve into subjects as grand and diverse as climate change adaptation, population and rural changes, coastal vulnerability and management, and the security of water and food supplies.

    "The NCGS has a key role as a conduit between our discipline and the Academy, so we are a voice for geographical sciences and scientists," Dr Turton says.

    "We are also connected to the various State geographical societies, as well as linking with the Institute of Australian Geographers," Dr Turton says.

    "The NCGS is also engaged in global networking through the International Geographical Union and we can filter into school curriculum developments through the Australian Geography Teachers Association.

    "We have an important voice and role for the global development of our discipline and we can offer strategic policy advice linking the grassroots up to the Academy level."