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  • Giant python surprises homeowners by hanging out on the back fence of Kewarra Beach house

    A homeowner at Kewarra Beach has urged his neighbours to "be safe" after filming a large scrub python slithering along his back fence.

    And it appears the snake was in the process of consuming a meal - its belly looking plump after devouring a small animal or bird.

    The video, posted on Facebook by Kewarra Beach local Kevin Urquhart, has gone viral with more more than 7000 shares and 300,000 views.

    With summer just around the corner and a 70% chance of a La Nina weather pattern forming this month to bring heavy rains, experts are warning locals to be vigilant about preventing snakes from entering homes.

    Homeowners are urged to keep windows or screens closed at night with snakes often looking to escape wet conditions by heading inside for shelter.