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    Sunflower power comes to an end

    It's been a community sensation and social media phenomenon. But you'd better be quick if you haven't seen it yet.

    The sunflowers planted in a cane field near the Freshwater Railway Station will be gone at the end of the week.

    The big yellow flowers with the smiling faces have proved a huge hit in the last few weeks, with hundreds visiting the field over the past few weeks.

    Mark Savina, the farmer who grew the crop as a break from sugarcane, says the flowers will likely be taken out on Sunday morning and replaced with sorghum.

    “It will be red, white and gold but won’t be as spectacular,” he told TropicNow.

    He’s been happy to see people get such a buzz from the beauty of the flowers.

    “Some farmers who grow them down country might shake their heads but I think it’s been mind boggling," Mr Savina said. “It’s just blown my mind how many people have turned up. It’s almost needed a police officer to control traffic.”

    He’s gone past the spot at 6.30am on his way to work and people are among the flowers even then.

    He’s considering planting sunflowers in the field again but not until next year.

    The farmer said while he is more than happy for people to enjoy the sunflower field, he wants people to stay out of a Sunn hemp field he also owns, for safety’s sake.

    “That’s different. There’s been a few people going in it. I spray with insecticide so they need to keep clear of it.”