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    Survey helps industry focus on maintaining region's repuation as a holiday hot spot

    TNQ is recognised as one of the world's best holiday hot spots and the new board of Tourism Tropical North Queensland has hit the ground running, launching a "strategic review" to ensure the region stays ahead of the game when it comes to catering to modern travellers.

    The board held its first meeting last week, with new chairwoman Wendy Morris saying members had moved quickly and held a strategic planning day to kick-start the three-month review process.

    "I am in awe of the diverse individual talent we have on our board and was delighted to see their fierce passion for resetting the organisation and leveraging tourism as the pinnacle asset of this region,” she said.

    "We are fortunate to have a solid foundation to work from and want to build on the great work of previous Boards who have paved the way for tourism growth in our region."

    The board is keen to take an in-depth look at issue affecting the organisation and TNQ tourism industry, with TTNQ chief executive Pip Closing saying the focus was on advancing the voice of members to ensure TTNQ would be a lighthouse for the tourism industry.

    "Members have been sent a 15-minute survey today to start the process of reviewing what we need to keep doing, what is not working that we need to stop and what we need to start doing to move forward,” she said.

    "The survey must be completed by November 24 or members can talk directly to a board member over the phone.

    "We need to do what it takes to be a nimble and non-fragile organisation in this demanding and fast-changing world.

    "It is also important to get our stories aligned and ensure that each operator is an ambassador for the region who knows how the destination brand is a vital selling tool for their product.

    "New digital technologies will play an increasing role in how we tell our story and TTNQ is committed to using these to ensure members will receive immediate benefits.

    "The board will work through member feedback in December and meet in January to create an informed new strategic direction for TTNQ.

    "It is exciting as we move forward to be the world’s best destination to engage with nature and it is a journey that we want every tourism operator to join."