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Tropic Magazine

Tropic is North Queensland's premium print offering, delivering a magazine of bespoke uncoated paper stock, beautiful design and editorial integrity.

Released every two months, each edition of Tropic delivers engaging journalism and insider guides to the best of local business, industry, sports, arts and food from the Cairns region.

Take home a free copy from over 200 cafes, waiting rooms, retail shops and gathering spaces across the Tropical North Queensland region.

Tropic also offers the most effective advertising campaigns in North Queensland utilising our strategic, multi-platform approach. Click here to contact us about magazine advertising and editorial inquiries.

Subscription Services

The Tropic team is excited to launch a subscription service for readers who would like to receive a home delivered copy of Tropic Magazine.

You can purchase single issues for $8, or sign up for an annual subscription for just $48 per year.


Single Issue

Purchase a single issue for $8 and we will arrange delivery of the next issue to your nominated address.

Annual Subscription

Sign up for an annual subscription for just $48 and we will deliver the magazines to your nominated address.