Ex-pollie Peter Slipper spreads the good word on far-flung Torres Strait island

There is an old saying about the type of people who are attracted to the wild, remote corners of the tropical north.

They're commonly lumped into three categories: "misfits, mercenaries and missionaries".

So it's something of a perfect fit that we should track down Peter Slipper to the most remote island in the Torres Strait.

The ex-pollie surprised more than a few people on Boigu Island last week when he was spotted in full pastoral garb as part of his work with the Anglican church.

The controversial ex-Speaker of the House was ordained as an Anglican priest back in 2008.

TropicNow was sent this pic of Mr Slipper taking happy snaps of his own outside a church on the very remote Boigu Island last Tuesday, just as the Federal Election was heating up in the final days of campaigning.

If Mr Slipper was trying to keep a low profile during the campaign he certainly picked the right place to do it: Boigu is the most northerly inhabited island of Australia, located just six kilometres from Papua New Guinea.

Mr Slipper's name was mentioned briefly during last week's Federal campaign when it was revealed former Liberal staffer James Ashby was part of Pauline Hanson's campaign team.

Mr Ashby was at the centre of the long-running scandal that eventually led to Mr Slipper's downfall from the Federal Parliament.