Cairns sneaker fan featured in coffee table book

There’s something about Adidas’ trainers that one Cairns collector just can’t get enough of...

If it doesn't have the trademark trefoil and three stripes don't bother - Al Nuttall won't wear them.

“Adidas have just always been the brand for me that looks the best,” he says.

Raised in northern England, where the German-brand’s casual wear developed a strong foothold during his childhood, the Cairns personal trainer’s first pair of shoes were Adidas and he’s remained loyal to this day. 

Since then, Adidas’ back catalogue of vintage trainers have become highly desirable fashion items around the world, creating their own shoe subculture.

Mr Nuttall, who owns more than 80 pairs, has scoured the globe to create his collection which features some of the rarest trainers the company has produced.

“A few years back I started collecting and it’s really grown,” he says.

“That was never the intention though. I just bought a pair that I liked, saw another that I liked and it went from there.

“Before you know it, you’ve got a spare room full of shoes.”

An avid hiker and photographer, Mr Nuttall has taken to photographing his trainers in far flung parts of the region.

“It’s kind of reignited my interest in photography,” he says.

“Living in far north Queensland there are so many good opportunities to get great shots in nice locations.

“When I find a great landscape, I set up the shoes and they always come out really well.

“It’s great for the region because people overseas are seeing the shoes and a pretty nice backdrop as well.”

This year, Mr Nuttall was included in Adidas Only Addiction Top Five Volume Two, a coffee table book featuring passionate collectors’ favourite shoes.

Included in the book is Run-DMC’s Darryl McDaniels whose hip hop group made Adidas synonymous with urban culture in the 80s.

“It’s a little bit surreal to be honest,” Mr Nuttall says.

“It’s an honour to be in the book with so many great collectors who have such insane collections.

“Last year they released volume one and it was quite successful and all the money raised through it goes to charity.”

Mr Nuttall says he and other collectors share the same motivation.

“We all just do it for the love of Adidas,” he says.

To find out more about the book, click here