After a period of humid days and muggy nights, Cairns can expect a bit of drenching, and even flash flooding in some areas of the region.

Some patchy showers could appear as soon as this afternoon, while a broad weather system is set to move across the Far North tomorrow.

It’s a welcome relief after several nights this week topped 80 per cent humidity levels.


In the early hours of Thursday morning, the humidity peaked at 95 per cent.

Helen Reid of the Bureau of Meteorology told Tropic Now most of the wet weather is likely to come tomorrow, though the seven-day forecast ahead shows a reasonable chance of intermittent showers.

“Today we’re expecting the skies to be a little bit cloudy, with showers and thunderstorms to creep in right throughout the region later today,” she said.

“There’ll be some more serious thunderstorm activity towards Innisfail.

“In Cairns there’s likely to be a few millimetres this afternoon, from 5 to 10 millimetres.

“Tomorrow’s a little bit more concerning, with one or two heavy showers.


“It’s hard to predict rainfall totals in any thunderstorm system but we could see 10 to 20 millimetres in Cairns, and 20 to 30 millimetres in isolated areas.

“Tomorrow’s system is predicted to move in a north-easterly direction, meaning areas around Atherton and Mareeba are most likely to be impacted.”

Significant rain is also expected in Port Douglas, Cairns and Innisfail.  

“On Sunday there’ll be a few showers lurking around but back down to about 5 millimetres,” Ms Reid said.  

“One or two thunderstorms are possible on Monday and Tuesday, before it clears a bit more on Wednesday and Thursday.”

It could be a bit intense and lead to flash flooding in some areas.
Helen Reid