Unvaccinated Queenslanders – including both patrons and staff – will soon be banned from entering a huge range of venues, including pubs, cafes and bars, as well as health services including hospitals and aged care facilities.

The measures take effect from 17 December, or as soon as the state reaches an 80 per cent vaccination rate – the same deadline set for the border reopening to vaccinated travellers.

They apply to every person aged 16 and over.

Government-owned galleries, museums and libraries are also included, as well as all music festivals, entertainment venues, restaurants, hotels and clubs.


Visitors to aged care facilities, hospitals, prisons and disability services will also be required to provide proof of vaccination, except in end of life, childbirth or emergency situations.

Police are responsible for enforcing the requirements of the venues, and will be conducting compliance checks.

Cairns Chamber of Commerce CEO Patricia O’Neill is now meeting with the Deputy Chief Health Officer and the Deputy Premier to seek some clarity about exactly what staff members the new rules will apply to.


“Having to leave unvaccinated staff off, well we need all the staff we can get, especially coming into Christmas period,” she said.

“There are a lot of grey areas, which just gets more people confused.”

From 17 November, Queenslanders will be able to register their vaccination status on their Check In Qld app.

Fully vaccinated Australians can also now access their COVID-19 vaccination certificate through MyGov.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the new measures are a reward for vaccinated Queenslanders who deserve their lives to be returned to normal, as well as a greater measure of protection once borders re-open

“This pandemic has been a long, hard road,” the Premier said.

“Soon our borders will open and COVID will be in our communities.

“This is about keeping our freedoms.

“I think business wanted certainty and today we are giving that certainty.

“This gives them the certainty that they need to prepare for the Christmas holidays.”

More to come.


Main points

  • Hospitality venues and many health services will soon be banned from allowing unvaccinated staff and patrons on their premises
  • The new health restrictions will start on 17 December, or earlier if the state reaches 80% of eligible people fully vaccinated 
  • Unvaccinated Queenslanders now have just a few weeks to get two vaccine doses in time 
We are already crucified with staff shortages as a business community.
Patricia O'Neill
Cairns Chamber of Commerce CEO