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Wall to wall python found in Mission Beach home

House guest got the shock of her life when a huge python tried to make its way from the loungeroom to a nearby bedroom

Mission Beach woman Trina Hibberd knew there was a rather large scrub python living in her roof.

But she had no idea exactly how big the gentle giant actually was.

Until now.

Estimated to be a whopping 5 metres in length, the scrub python nicknamed Monty recently made a surprise appearance as it attempted to go from the loungeroom to a nearby bedroom.

The ABC reports that before dawn on Monday morning, Monty slithered along the verandah into the house and up the lounge room wall where it switched on a light. Monty then made his way into a bedroom, where it knocked over a lamp.

The commotion woke up Trina's friend Julie Birrell, who was staying at the house.

The ensuing discovery was captured with some rather colourful commentary by Trina on the video below.

But she managed to keep calm long enough to call the local snakecatcher, who removed the giant snake without much fuss.