Results are in! Cairns Regional Council 'Our Cairns' survey

An unprecedented response from the people of Cairns give Council a clear roadmap to achieving a vibrant and sustainable future.

Preliminary results are in from the Our Cairns community survey conducted by Cairns Regional Council.

Acting Mayor, Cr Terry James said the “response was unprecedented” with 6446 residents completing the online survey. The full survey results will take up to 2 months to collate and “fully comprehend” however the preliminary results give a clear indication of the concerns and desires of Cairns residents.

Safety was the number one concern respondents felt council should focus on in their suburbs followed by traffic congestion, footpaths, cycleways and road maintenance.

“We’ll be looking closely at the results by suburb to see where the key areas are that need the most urgent attention.” He continued, suggesting “further installation of CCTV” where necessary could alleviate concerns around safety.

The economy is also of clear concern; “Fifty per cent of respondents said they wanted more to be done to protect the local economy from shocks caused by the downturn of the tourism industry”. Cr James went on to say “diversification of the economy is a priority” of council and suggested areas such a sport tourism and education as areas of future growth. Solid support for a rectangular stadium was recorded with 45% of respondents supporting the idea against 20% that oppose it.

The much hyped idea of light rail has clearly caught the imagination of the community as an infrastructure project that has very strong support with 62% in favour of the idea against 16% who oppose it. When asked how council will pay for the audacious plan, Cr James commented, “we haven't got that far yet’.

The survey presented “no surprises” in Cr James’ opinion rather confirming what council already knew. Given the large response however, it now gives Council the confidence to pursue the results that gained strong support. The issues that were divided like the question of fluoride being added to the water supply will likely bring about no substantial change. In Cr James’ opinion, “nothing will change with fluoride”.

What is evident from the result is that the people of Cairns value environment, liveability and sustainability. These three core ideas were listed as the most important things to meet the needs of the community now and into the future.

For Cairns to prosper, the results of this survey need to be taken on board and a strategic plan put in place to achieve each and every item that gained strong support. Consultation and collaboration will be the key to a vibrant and successful region into the future.

The preliminary results of the Our Cairns Community Survey can be viewed here.

A summary of some keys stats from the survey;

Top 3 things Council should focus on in your suburb.

  • Safety
  • Traffic congestion
  • Footpaths

Do you support fluoride being added to into the city’s water supply?

  • Strongly support 39%
  • Strongly oppose 35%
  • Neutral 14%
  • Support 9%
  • Oppose 4%

Do you support the pursuit of a rectangular stadium for Cairns?

  • Neutral 35%
  • Strongly support 30%
  • Support 15%
  • Strongly oppose 13%
  • Oppose 8%

Do you support the pursuit of light rail for Cairns?

  • Strongly support 45%
  • Neutral 22%
  • Support 16%
  • Strongly oppose 11%
  • Oppose 5%