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    McGregor "will not" match it with superior rival in the ring

    The Floyd Mayweather versus Conor McGregor fight has been billed as one of the most anticipated events in sports history.

    The much-hyped event has attracted multi-million pay-per-view deals, a multi-million prize purse and an expected worldwide audience of millions of people, all keen to see if a boxing legend or an MMA fighter will win bragging rights as the better fighter.

    But beyond the bitter trash talk and all the hype, will the fight live up to expectations?

    TropicNow asked Ken Dalton, a former TNQ boxer and boxing trainer for his thoughts on the match up and he was quick get into Mayweather’s corner saying there are a lot of things working against McGregor and the MMA champ would struggle to be competitive against even the best Irish amateur boxers when taken out of his comfort zone.

    “I think the fight is the biggest con in boxing history,” he said.

    “Mayweather has done everything in boxing, there is no comparison between him and McGregor.

    “Mayweather has fought the best of the best, champions, well-seasoned fighters and beaten them all.”


    Mayweather is a boxing legend often described as the best of all time. The 40-year-old retired in September 2015 with a record of 40 wins and no losses (26 knock outs) against some of the biggest names in the ring, including Manny Pacquiao, Juan Manuel Marquez and Oscar De La Hoya.

    McGregor is 29, the UFC lightweight champion and is also a legend in the brutal sport of Mixed Martial Arts where he has a record of 21 wins and 3 losses, with a majority by knock out.

    Mayweather’s biggest advantage is his life-long boxing background, with Ken saying McGregor will struggle to make up the difference in skills and conditions seen in the ring compared with the Octagon.

    “Technically, Mayweather is superior,” he said.

    “There is a big difference in skills. Mayweather has the best defence world and he will be hard to hit.

    “Mayweather will be able to hit McGregor all night there will be big gaps in his defence.

    “McGregor can throw punches but you have to land them and he will leave himself open to counter attack.”


    Ken can understand the interest in the fight given the popularity of MMA and the two fighters and will “most likely” watch it and says it is a no-brainer that Mayweather will be the last man standing with McGregor used to shorter rounds and fights that do not go the distance.

    And Ken, who usually does not bet, even has money on Mayweather given some in his Redlynch gym think a big upset is looming.

    “Mayweather is conditioned to go 12, three minute rounds. That’s 36 minutes, it takes time to get conditioning for boxing,” he said.

    “There are technical aspects and deficiencies in McGregor’s discipline. It is stuff he has not been taught from day one and it is a case of whether you can teach an old dog new tricks.”

    The fight is being held in Las Vegas, with the action to start from 11am on Sunday in TNQ.


    The following TNQ venues will show the fight:

    Cazaly’s Stadium Sports Bar: Info

    Sports Arena Bar at the Reef Hotel Casino: Info

    Dunwoody’s Tavern: Info

    Fuller Sports Club Edmonton: Info

    Red Beret Hotel, Redlynch: Info

    Rattle N Hum, Cairns Esplanade: Info

    Trinity Beach Tavern: Info

    The Edge Hill Tavern: Info