14 awesome signs you've lived in Cairns and love it!

Just in case you needed a reminder...

1. You’re confused by people who stop at pedestrian crossings. 

2. Shorts over pants any day...

3. Pluggers are considered ‘dressing up’.

4. You’ve developed a healthy respect/fear for cassowaries.

5. You treat cyclones like they’re sun showers.

6. A 15-minute drive seems excessive.

7. You live next to the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest but only visit when friends or family are in town.

8. ‘Going troppo’ is real.

9. You DESPISE cane toads.

10. Food elsewhere doesn’t seem so good.

11. The Boland's Centre is gorgeous yet you rarely appreciate it. 

12. The name ‘Johno’ can only mean one bloke.

13. Winter in Cairns can be tough. Ha!

14. No matter how many times you leave, you're always excited to come back home.