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  • Crispin Till

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    Cassowary dad and chicks hang out at resort

    These stunning photos capture the remarkable moment a curious cassowary and his two chicks decided to check-in to the Elandra Resort at Mission Beach.

    Guests and staff were "blown away" by the incredible sight of the three bold birds casually strolling through the lobby and pool area a few days ago.

    The resort’s creative director Kirsten Haire captured the wonderful moment on her mobile phone.

    A number of cassowaries are known to live on the grounds of the resort, a sight that always proves popular with tourists, even if some are initially unsure of how to react around the colourful endangered species.

    "We get daily visits to the resort because there are a few cassowaries living on the grounds,” Ms Haire said.

    “They wander through the resort, walk around the boardwalk, go into the guest’s rooms and chase staff carrying trays of fruit.

    “Our guests are blown away although some are frightened initially. There is always a lot of camera clicking and excitement.”

    Ms Haire said the regular close encounters with cassowaries allowed staff to see them grow from chicks to adults. 

    “One of the fathers from last year, he had three chicks, which was reduced to two, but we got to see every moment from the tiny chicks with the go faster strips through to their colourful adult feathers.”

    Cassowaries check in to Elandra Resort