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Humpback surprises TNQ dive boat with a quick hello

Tourists and crew on board a Pro Dive Cairns Reef trip were treated to an awe-inspiring show of nature at its best when a 13-metre adult male humpback whale popped up to say hello.

The annual migration of humpback whales up Australia’s east coast to the warmer waters of TNQ during breeding season attracts tourists from around the world to our region and there are few more spectacular sights than seeing these amazing creatures enjoying a leisurely swim.

The footage of the male humpback was captured in a stunning video by the Pro Dive Cairns skipper Chris Vadas on board dive boat Scubapro.

Quicksilver Group Manager Media Megan Bell said the 30 passengers and crew were heading out for the start of their three-day dive and snorkel adventure when the whale was spotted heading north between Green Island and Fitzroy Island.

“The inquisitive whale approached the vessel and spent about 20 minutes swimming around with a few tail flicks and diving below the surface,” Ms Bell said.

“He then slowly swam away to explore more of the Great Barrier Reef.

Humpbacks are generally seen on the Great Barrier Reef between June and September with regular sightings on the outer reefs.

Many in TNQ are also excited about the possibility of Migaloo the all-white humpback soon arriving in our tropical waters.

The famous whale was spotted heading north in waters off the Gold Coast early last week.