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    Public nuisance charges and crash investigation after three seperate incidents

    It was a weird, whacky, bizarre and busy time on the TNQ beat yesterday and last night with officers kept busy with a number of strange call outs to deal with disturbances at local food outlets and convenience stores.

    Two men, aged 53 and 25, have been charged with public nuisance after two separate incidents at shops in the city and investigations are continuing after an allegedly stolen car with up to seven youths inside and a bus crashed at Whitfield.

    In the first incident, a Manoora man, 53, was charged after an incident in the drive-through of a Pease St fast food restaurant yesterday afternoon.

    Police say the man ordered a meal about 3pm before allegedly blocking the drive-through with his car instead of stopping in the waiting bay while his food was prepared.

    The man also allegedly started filming staff and throwing coins at them until police were called.

    When officers arrived, the man still refused to move his car and was arrested and charged with public nuisance and obstructing police.

    He is due to appear in Cairns Magistrates Court on September 28.

    AND THEN...

    In a separate incident, a Trinity Beach man, 25, was also charged with wilful damage and being a public nuisance after an incident at an inner-city convenience store.

    Police say the man went to the store about 5pm and browsed for a short time before allegedly urinating on a shelf. The man then bought a phone charger and left the shop.

    An employee called police and the man was found and arrested a short time later in the Cairns CBD.

    He is due to appear in Cairns Magistrates Court on September 28.


    Police are also investigating after a two-vehicle crash at Whitfield about 9.40pm yesterday.

    A bus was travelling north on McManus St about 9.40pm when the driver of an allegedly stolen sedan with up to seven youths inside, that was travelling east on Reservoir Road off-ramp failed to give way, causing the crash.

    The youths jumped out of the car and were seen running away after the crash.

    Both vehicles sustained moderate damage as result of the collision and the sedan was towed from the scene.

    The bus, which was not carrying passengers at the time, was towed from the scene and the bus driver was not hurt.

    The sedan had been stolen from a Mt Sheridan home on Sunday night.