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    Cairns named as target for second round of bizarre craze

    The creepy clown craze that swept the world and Australia last year may be making a comeback and Cairns could be a target for the next round of the bizarre craze.

    Clown Purge Australia has posted to social media that “we’re coming back for you” and Cairns is one of the cities specifically mentioned.

    “Get ready for the 2nd round Australia, we’re coming back for you and last night was only the beginning. We have big plans,” the group posted on Facebook.

    “After the recent release if ‘IT’ we have decided to come back and give a real taste.

    “We have re-united and have over 20,000 anonymous clowns over Australia.

    “We will be all over the Easterly Coast from South to North first.

    “Be prepared – We do not mean any harm, all of it is just for a scare and some laughs.”

    The social media posts comes after mysterious red balloons have been seen around Sydney, accompanied by the message "It Is Closer Thank You Think".

    The bizarre craze started last year with reports of clowns trying to lure children in the US before spreading to Australia.

    There were a number of reported clown sightings in TNQ in October 2016 in the Woree and White Rock areas.

    In one of the incidents, a 15-year-old boy on his way home from school was approached by a clown in an alleyway.