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    Industry and government join forces to create work opportunities for TNQ youths

    Job opportunities for young people in TNQ's vital tourism industry will be the focus of a Local Jobs First Roundtable in Cairns.

    Bringing together government and industry representatives the roundtable will look at ways of making local youths more job ready to take up roles in the region's growing tourism sector, with Employment Minister Grace Grace saying it is an opportunity to capitalise on tourism growth to create job opportunities.

    “In 2015-16, the tourism industry contributed $11.5 billion to the Queensland economy and employed 5.8 per cent of the Queensland workforce,” she said.

    “In the same year employment in the tourism industry grew by 3.9 per cent."

    “That’s why we’re getting industry experts from across Queensland with government in the same room – we want to focus on the positive opportunities presented by Queensland’s tourism growth.

    “This is about generating ideas and actions to promote employment outcomes for people in their local area, particularly young people."

    The Queensland Tourism Workforce Plan 2017‑20 sets a roadmap for preparing for jobs that will be available in the tourism sector in the future.

    The plan has four key priorities:

    * Build the tourism industry profile and attractiveness – the tourism industry to build a distinct brand as a desirable career opportunity.

    * Build a sustainable labour pool – encourage tourism employers to extend their labour pool through programs that are accessible and practical for business owners/managers.

    * Build the industry’s capacity to grow and flourish – the industry must take ownership of the shift required in culture to where workplaces value and nurture skills development.

    * Build the industry’s capacity to address local issues and develop innovative solutions – to meet visitor demand and support business growth, industry and government need to work together.