Condolences after woman slips and dies at FNQ waterfall

The Cairns hiking community is expressing its commiserations after a woman fell to her death at a popular Far North Queensland waterfall yesterday.

The 58 year-old from Cairns slipped from the top of Windin Falls in the Wooroonooran National Park around lunchtime.

The area is famous for its natural infinity pool at the edge of a drop-off to the valley below.

The Rescue 510 helicopter was used to locate the woman’s body around 4pm.

“This is the most dreadful and heart wrenching tragedy,” said Kellie Pontaks in a post on a social media hiking page.

“I’m so incredibly sorry for the lady concerned, her family and hiking companions.

“Having been to Windin I know how slippery it is and how little space there is to move around.”

MJ De Lacey also offered her condolences.

“Terrible, terrible thing to happen,” she said.

“Thoughts with everyone that was involved.”

The Queensland Police Service says a report will be prepared for the Coroner.