A family-run weekly media service that delivered news stories to the Torres Strait for almost 70 years has printed its final edition.

Cape & Torres News was launched in 2019 through the merger of the Bousen family-owned Cape York News and Torres News, which was first published in 1957.

In yesterday’s front page story, Publisher Corey Bousen said he wanted his father Mark to retire.

“Dad is 75 next month and it is time for him to retire and stay retired,” he said.


“He has retired twice before but, without complaint, returned to work on both occasions to lend me a hand.


“He is, and has always been, the editorial life-blood of our family newspaper business."

The Cape York Weekly now also serves the tip of the mainland, however there is no longer any publication dedicated to the Torres Strait.

Mr Bousen thanked all of the staff, contributors, advertisers and readers who have been involved with Cape & Torres News.


Main points

  • Cape & Torres News was launched in 2019 as a merger of Cape York News and Torres News
  • The Bousen family owned the publications since the early 2000s
  • The Torres Strait now has no dedicated print news service
I can’t put this newspaper out without Mark, so this is the final edition of Cape & Torres News.
Corey Bousen