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    Beaches closed after boy hospitalised in suspected stinger incident

    An 11-year-old boy is in Cairns Hospital after authorities believe he was stung by an Irunkandji at Trinity Beach. 

    Surf Lifesavers have closed several Cairns beaches follow a suspected Irukandji sting at Trinity Beach.

    An 11-year-old boy is believed to have been stung at 3.30 pm while swimming inside the nets.

    The boy emerged from the water started vomiting. He was treated by Surf Lifesaving Queensland [SLSQ] lifeguards at the scene.

    SLSQ’s Col Sparkes says the boy is currently at Cairns Hospital and is believed to be in a stable condition.

    “It is that time of year,” Mr Sparkes says. “We can’t confirm the sting but we suspect it was. I think we’ve got a southeasterly [wind] change coming tomorrow so hopefully that pushes them away.

    “Fingers crossed we can re-open our beaches at some stage soon.”

    Trinity Beach, Clifton Beach, Kewarra Beach and Palm Cove have all been closed until further notice.