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    Burpees make big difference for young Missy

    A fundraiser for a Malanda girl diagnosed with leukaemia has raised more than four times the projected amount.

    Cairns fitness enthusiasts have burpeed through the pain to raise a massive sum for a young girl diagnosed with leukaemia.

    More than 50 participants took part in the ‘10,000 Burpees for Missy’ in Edge Hill on Saturday morning, raising $4,000 for Missy Clarkson.

    The nine-year old Malanda girl was forced to move to Brisbane for treatment after being diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukaemia this year.

    Organiser Al Nuttall says the event - which aimed to raise at least $900 for Missy - exceeded all expectations.

    “Our initial aim was to get about 40 people and obviously to do about 10,000 burpees,” he says.

    “We ended up getting about 50 people participating, plus helpers.

    “After 40 minutes we had done 17,414 burpees.

    The fundraiser collected $1,549 on the day but was more than doubled following a donation of more than $2,500 from Botanic Gardens Restaurant and Cafe.

    “They put all staff tips for the month, plus money made from meals on Saturday all into an envelope and gave it to us on Monday morning,” Mr Nuttall says.

    “It’s ended up being around $2,500.

    “I’ve messaged Missy’s mum. She sent me back a teary-face emoji.

    “She can’t believe people’s generosity. It’s amazing. The fact that one person can contribute so much is amazing.”

    Mr Nuttall says he is considering running more fundraisers in the future.

    “If I can do something like this every couple of months, I will. I’m quite willing to do it. It was a great day,” he says.