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    Most thieves steal a car or cash - but not this young prowler

    CCTV footage from a home in Forest Gardens shows some criminals are a bit choosy when it comes to what they steal.

    When a homeowner in the Cairns suburb of Forest Gardens checked his CCTV footage and discovered a young thief had been prowling around his backyard, he expected the worst.

    But instead of being broken into or having his car nicked, the homeowner got something of a shock - and a laugh.

    It turns out the wannabe crim chose to take a mango from a fruit bowl resting on a table in the patio instead.

    Not just any mango, mind you.

    This thief clearly has a discerning taste when it comes to the sweet tropical fruit. He rejected his first pick and after inspecting the mangoes on offer finally settled on the ripest one.

    On a more serious note, the homeowner has warned Cairns residents to be vigilant with safety, especially during school holiday periods.

    Check out the slightly creepy video below, and don't forget to lock up your homes and vehicles, and your tropical fruit...

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