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    Everything you need to know about The Grass is Green Festival

    The do's, the do not's, the set times and the important stuff to remember: it's all here in TropicNow's ultimate guide to The Grass is Greener festival at Fogarty Park this Saturday.

    To survive and thrive and make it through the 10-hour music marathon known as The Grass Is Greener, there are some rules and essential info you need to know.

    If you want to stay fresh all the way to the end of headline act Hermitude, not to mention keep dancing during three-time ARIA Award nominee LDRU and global act LooK, you've got to know what's what.

    That's where this info comes in handy: 


    • Prepare for the party of spring/summer!
    • Visit an ATM before you arrive and get your cash out prior
    • Put on your favourite festival threads
    • Look up the set times (see below) so you don’t miss anyone you want to see
    • Charge your phone
    • Bring your ID
    • Bring your ticket
    • Slip, Slop, Slap
    • Eat before you come down to party
    • Bring your camera, sunglasses and a smile
    • Arrange transport to and from the event
    • Have the time of your life!!!

    DO NOT

    • Leave buying a ticket to the last minute (you will miss out)
    • Get really drunk before the event
    • Try and sneak in alcohol
    • Try sneak in drugs or be under the influence of drugs - we have a ZERO DRUG tolerance policy
    • Wear flip flops or open toe shoes
    • Bring professional cameras or recording devices
    • Behave in a loud or anti-social manner on the way to or outside the event
    • Forget your ID
    • Forget your ticket
    • Bring a bad attitude or you will not be let in 
    • Try to jump the fence to get in: we have extra security and police patrolling the perimeter and you will be charged if caught


    There are no PASS OUTS!

    There is no such thing as an under 18 or over 18 ticket.

    If you are over 18+ and have ID you will receive an 18+ band which gives you access to the bar area which has a fully stocked bar.




    Entry: The Grass is Greener Music Festival – all ages event

    Location: Fogarty Park, Cairns Esplanade

    Date: Saturday 15 October

    Time: Midday – 10pm

    Local Acts: CAIRNS Rupheo (Host) // Vaughan & Kye // Patrick Dwyer // Fauré // Robert Sinclair // Brendan Jamez // Jarrah // KaCooch // Leon Lai // Jroll

    For more information or to buy tickets, click here.