Community garden to help healing process in Manoora

A remarkable effort by local residents and support from the council and other organisations has led to the creation of the Manoora Community Garden.

Manoora residents, local organisations and Cairns Regional Council have joined forces to create one of the city's most vibrant - and important - community gardens.

In a symbolic representation of healing and unity, the Manoora Community Garden will feature 22 garden beds of fruit, vegies and plants to represent the 22 cultural groups present in the local area.

The project was conceived by a local advisory group as a way of healing the community in the wake of the Murray St tragedy in December 2014.

The project at Rambutan Close began in May and has quickly progressed with remarkable dedication by the Manoora Community Advisory Group and local organisations including Power of the Pallets, Neato Employment, Wuchopperen, the council and others.

ABC gardening guru Costa Georgiadis will be the guest star at the official launch on Tuesday, 11 October.

The project will feature a mix of communal and personal garden plots with a range of fruit and vegies to be planted.

Advisory group member Amy Eden said a clear vision for the project and strong local support meant the community garden had progressed quickly from concept to reality.

"In the aftermath of the Murray St tragedy we all wanted a project that would unite the community, and we agreed that a community garden would be the ideal way to do it," Ms Eden said.

"We worked with Neato Employment who created a Work for the Dole program, and they very quickly filled all 25 positions with about 60 percent of the workers being from the local area.

"Kate Fern at Power of the Pallets has been instrumental in the project, and Terry James and the council have been really supportive things like getting the water connected and providing mulch an ongoing basis.

"We're also developing a great relationship with Wuchopperen, who are enabling Costa's visit on Tuesday."

For more details on the launch event, click here to visit the Manoora Community Garden's Facebook page.