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    Cairns designers create emerging trends

    Tropical wear with an urban flair is taking over Cairns' CBD.

    Cairns fashion designers and artists are gaining a new following through a CBD streetwear store stocking their work.

    Penlan Street Co was opened late last year by co-creators Rachael Klein and Silve Myrteza.

    The fellow designers stock their own brands - Penlan Co and Moosh83 - along with young apparel makers like Edge Hill-based artist Nicolette Worth.

    Ms Worth, who sells streetwear through a number of online outlets, says being stocked at the Grafton Street shop has helped her get direct responses to her products in a commercial setting.

    “It’s been great for me. It’s really boosted my confidence,” she says.

    “I’m an artist and I’m sensitive. Having people look at the product and give great feedback reinforces that what I’m doing is worthwhile.

    “It’s real. You can sell something online but it’s a different type of transaction.

    “They’re not picking the product up, looking at it and walking through the store.”

    Ms Klein says the store - which features artwork and murals from Cairns artists on its walls - aims to provide a space for creatives who may find it hard to break through elsewhere.

    “Our aim is to connect with the like minded through a love of street culture, without the barrier of social segregation,” Ms Klein says.

    “Too often we're forced to fit one category or another. Our store is for anyone that's down for it.”

    Ms Worth says several new product ideas have come to her as a result of being able to sell clothes at Penlan Street Co.

    “I’m teaching myself to sew and I just started embroidering hats recently,” she says.

    “We put some in the shop and they sold really well in the store so I’ve been rolling them out since.

    “The fact that this place is run by women is great as well, especially in a space like street culture where it’s traditionally been dominated by men.

    “It’s really important to have a place you can come and be inspired and sell your product.”

    Penlan Street Co is open Wednesday through Sunday from 11.30am.