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    Kowanyama police seize massive load of sly grog

    Cape York officers believe it's one of the biggest hauls in recent memory.

    Queensland police have seized more than 300 litres of sly grog from making its way into Cape York communities.

    The haul is one of the biggest alcohol seizures recorded in the region and was discovered by Kowanyama police officers early on New Year's Day.

    Officers on patrol pulled over and inspected a vehicle driving through town at around 4.30am which led to the discovery. 

    Authorities say the 57 casks of wine, 18 bottles of spirits and three cartons of beer have an estimated ‘street value’ of about $14,000 in the Cape’s dry communities where alcohol is banned.

    Acting Superintendent Rolf Straatemeier praised the work of his officers.

    “Local police have done an excellent job in intercepting this vehicle,” he said.

    “If the alcohol had reached the community there would have been every likelihood some members of the community would have been affected by the liquor.

    “The supply of this amount of alcohol is likely to have increased instances in public nuisance offences, assault offences and incidents of domestic violence.”

    Three Kowanyama men have been charged with possession of liquor in a restricted area.

    They are scheduled to appear in the Kowanyama Magistrates Court on January 19.