Low and slow American BBQ set to light up your tastebuds at Meet Eat Repeat 6

With less than three weeks to go until Meet Eat Repeat 6 lights up your tastebuds on Saturday April 26, we're excited to profile the first vendor you'll be able to sample at the event.

Say hello to Smok 'N' Steel BBQ, a custom-built low and slow American BBQ-style stall delivering the following mouth-watering menu:

  • Pulled pork rolls
  • Smoked chilli dogs made with a locally produced beef, red wine and cracked pepper sausage
  • Both will come with a side of apple slaw and jalapenos

Aaron Behrndt from Smok 'N' Steel is excited to be appearing at his first Meet Eat Repeat - the sixth in TropicNow's event series.

"The community should come along to Meet Eat Repeat because it's a great chance to sample a wide range of food on offer in Cairns," he said. "Nothing brings people together like the love for great food and drink."

"This will be my first Meat, Eat, Repeat and I can't tell you how excited I am to be a part of it. It's just a fantastic combination of awesome food and the most chilled people you have ever met."

Keep an eye on TropicNow over the next couple of weeks as we profile our other food and drink vendors.

Meet Eat Repeat kicks off at 4pm on Saturday April 28th at the West Cairns Bowls Club. Let us know your coming along by visiting our Facebook page here.