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    Cast Off: New podcast column by Tyson E Franklin

    Cairns podcaster Tyson E Franklin recommends some of his favourite health and business podcasts.

    Think of podcasting as a bit like a talk-back radio show, except you get to choose the host, the guest, the topic of discussion and when it will be played at a time that suits your schedule.

    The word “podcast” comes from a combination of iPod and broadcast, but it’s really just an audio file that is downloaded from the Internet to your computer or smartphone.

    Podcast listener numbers are increasing each year as people realise how easy it is to download a podcast onto their phones. If you like a particular podcast show you can subscribe to it so you never miss an upcoming episode. And just like the radio, podcasts are entirely free to listen to.

    Podcast Suggestions

    What makes podcasting exciting and enjoyable is the vast array of subjects currently available. If you have an interest in animals, you could listen to a podcast discussing living, extinct or imaginary animals, or you could be more specific and search for dogs, cats or horses.

    If you have a hobby or interest, such as arts and crafts, or you want to improve a particular skill and become a better writer, or further your knowledge in nutrition, you'll find a podcast to fulfil your needs.

    Podcasting is becoming the go-to-place for many business owners and professionals because they can use podcasts to improve their knowledge further in a specific area. 


    Mountain Mantras: Wellness & Life Lessons

    Kathryn Kemp Guylay is a Certified Nutrition Counsellor, author, entrepreneur and wellness coach, and she shares inspiration and actionable advice for you to enjoy a happier, healthier and more successful life.

    Each show highlights business visionaries and successful entrepreneurs who openly share their wellness and life lessons to reach greater heights, as well as Kathryn sharing her own insights into making food, life and everything we do fun.

    Kathryn escaped the corporate life and chose to live in Sun Valley, Idaho where she enjoys skiing and hiking, depending on the season, and this is the inspiration she uses for each show.


    The Business Podcast with Super Joe Pardo

    The host of this podcast, Super Joe, is also the author of Sales Won't Save Your Business, and this is something to look for when selecting a business podcast, the host has experience in the area of small business.

    Each week Joe introduces entrepreneurs and business owners from around the world to share their journey, their lessons and their lifestyles.

    The emphasis of this show is to teach you how to accelerate the growth of your business while building your business around your lifestyle, not your lifestyle around your business. I can proudly say I was a guest on Super Joe's show in July of this year.