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  • Renee Cluff

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    Cairns kidpreneurs wrap up business success with hand-made Christmas tags

    Cairns has long been home to young innovators and entrepreneurs, but Kewarra Beach’s Harry and Joshua Tottle, who began their business at the tender ages of 9 and 11, might just take the cake.

    Harry, now 11 years-old, designs and creates handmade cards and gift tags and 13 year-old Joshua helps colour as well as handling the sales and marketing.

    This Christmas, business has been booming.

    The pair has been selling gift tags on their driveway, to take advantage of passers-by looking at Christmas lights.

    They also set up a stall at the Clifton Beach Shopping Centre, as well as selling the tags through their facebook page.

    Almost 1,000 units have been sold locally, nationally and overseas.

    According to the boys’ mother, Bek, it all began two years ago, when Harry’s drawings were taking over the house.

    “There was paper everywhere and it was driving me insane. 

    “So I bought him a pack of cards to draw on and then we started showing them to people and they wanted to buy them from him. 

    Artist Harry told Tropic Now it’s a lot of work, but it’s also rewarding.

    “It was very exciting to think that doing something I loved could earn me some money.

    “I started with birthday cards and then went on to Christmas Cards and tags.

    “I keep changing the designs and that makes it more fun.”

    His brother, Joshua, has the gift of the gab, making him the perfect salesman.

    “I love meeting people and talking to them about our business,” he told Tropic Now.

    “Most people are amazed that kids of our age can have a business and they congratulate us for having a go and getting off the iPads.

    “The $5 packs of 8 Christmas tags have sold really well this year.”

    Mother Bek said there have been some tough business lessons to learn along the way, but her sons have taken every challenge in their stride.

    “They were not in the best of spots in the shopping centre but instead of standing at their stall, they walked around talked to people and ended up doing really well.

    “I was so proud of them. 

    “The people that they met were amazing and they have learnt so much,” she said.

    That includes budgeting. 

    The boys have to first pay their bills and buy new stock before paying themselves a wage.

    “My mum takes out the money for costs and buying the stock and then shares the rest with my brother and me,” said Harry.

    “I invest mine with a financial advisor.”

    So much financial maturity for one so young!

    It’s no surprise then, that the future’s looking bright for 'Art by Hazzy'.

    In 2019, the boys will supply cards and tags to a florist and gift shop in Wollongong in New South Wales.

    “Mum is a bit worried that we may not be able to keep up demand so we may have to look at printing some cards instead of hand drawing them,” said Joshua.

    “We are also looking at t-shirt designs for kids and adults and setting up a website so people can buy them on-line.”