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  • Higher than average humidity and temperatures combine to create stifling conditions

    Keep a bottle of water close and stay out of the sun: that's the advice for the rest of the week as Cairns braces for above average hot and sticky conditions over the next few days.

    Cairns has been lucky to avoid the type of hot weather impacting much of Queensland over recent days, with severe heatwave conditions prevalent across the state.

    But Bureau of Meteorology duty forecaster Annabelle Ford said that's about to change for Cairns residents.

    Over the next few days we'll see temperatures of 33C before the heat rises to 34C on Friday. 

    "Those 33C temperatures are a couple of degrees above the February average, but it’s going to be very humid as well which will make it feel hotter and muggier than the temperature suggests," Ms Ford said.

    "Everywhere else in Queensland is experiencing heatwave conditions and you're just starting to get into that now.

    "You'll see minimum temperatures of 23C and 24C, and the hottest day will be on Friday when it reaches 34C.

    "We've got a stagnant air mass hanging all over Queensland and that's not moving or changing at all, so that creates the build-up of heat and humidity.

    "In Cairns you have some winds coming in from offshore but that’s just making it more humid. We definitely recommend people stay hydrated, stay out of the sun and limit strenuous activity."