Passion for a perfect, beautiful smile

The team at Perfect Teeth are focused on one clear goal, and it all starts with a smile.

Dental health has been a hot topic of debate in Cairns at different moments in time. The topic reached fever pitch back in 2013 when Cairns Regional Council voted to end the fluoridation of the local water supply.

That move sparked equal measures of backlash from dentists and support from anti-fluoride campaigners. The fiery debate may have quietened down in recent years, but the importance of dental hygiene remains a key public health challenge as policymakers battle to overcome poor dietary habits and a reluctance to undergo regular dental checks.

Interestingly, the team at Perfect Teeth believes good dental hygiene is more than just a public health issue. It’s also a central component of personal well-being. American actress Connie Stevens once said that “nothing you wear is more important than your smile”.

That may be true, but what if you’re unhappy or uncomfortable with the way your smile looks? The team at Perfect Teeth agree that a confident smile is vital to a person’s well-being.
“A less than perfect smile may make you feel self-conscious, while perfect teeth can bring life-changing confidence,” Dr Neale explains.

“We know the idea of perfection varies from person to person and that is why at Perfect Teeth, we believe in cultivating excellent dental hygiene plans that are tailored specifically to you.”

Perfect Teeth is an established, respected clinic on the Cairns dental scene, opening its doors for the first time in September 2010.

Prior to that, Dr Neale and Dr Christine practiced at North Sheridan Dental Group.
Each staff member brings certain passions and expertise to the practise.

Dr Neale, for example, is passionate about orthodontics and wisdom teeth removal. Dr Christine enjoys treating children and families, making them feel comfortable and relaxed in what can be a daunting experience for youngsters.

Karen Pettigrew, who recently graduated with a Diploma of Dental Implantology, is often described as a caring, dedicated perfectionist – the type of attention you hope to receive during a visit to the dentist!

The supporting team of dental assistants and reception staff are also integral to the patient experience, with a cheerful and caring manner being an essential ingredient in the comfort of patients.

Perfect Teeth utilises the Child Dental Benefits Schedule for general dentistry, while key services include cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, holistic dentistry, wisdom teeth removal under sedation and implants.

Above all else though, the team at Perfect Teeth believes everything comes back to a smile. “We believe in helping achieve a beautiful natural looking smile that is uniquely yours,” Dr Neale said.