Fitzroy Island seeks investment partner for multi-million dollar redevelopment

The family who owns Fitzroy Island has rejected suggestions their patch of paradise is up for sale by launching a call for an investment partner willing to tip in millions of dollars to create a hub of environmental tourism.

Managing director Doug Gamble said he has engaged a real estate agent to represent Fitzroy Island in a quest for an investment partner, which could be a bank or private equity investor.

Mr Gamble said the investment partner would help his family develop a world-class turtle and environmental centre and expand the island’s accommodation and facilities as part of a 10-year vision for the island.

“We are currently rolling out a $2.5 million refurbishment of the existing rooms in preparation for this next phase which will provide different levels of accommodation for new and existing markets,” he said.

“People primarily come to Fitzroy Island for an island experience and are surprised to find we are home to a turtle rehabilitation centre and the Great Barrier Reef’s first offshore coral nursery.

“We want the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre to be a world-class facility that incorporates the Reef Restoration Foundation’s work to accelerate the recovery of damaged high-value reefs.

“The environment is a key attraction for Tropical North Queensland and Fitzroy Island is very much a part of that offering.

“We are already playing a role in preserving that environment through the turtle rehabilitation centre and the coral nursery and we would like to develop that further.

“Travellers are excited by environmental tourism and eager to learn more about the ecosystems they visit.

“The time is right for this exciting period of growth for our family-owned company with major investment underway in tourism infrastructure in Cairns. We want to be a part of this growth and play our role in generating additional jobs for the community and providing a boost to local suppliers and contractors.”